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Organizing events in the next months

mei 9, 2021


Saturday was D-Day: bars en restaurants could finally open their (outside) doors again! Today the safety council presented their road back to a normal life. How to organize your events in the next few weeks and months? We break it down for you!

YAY, events in May!
We already knew that cultural or corporate events would be possible for a maximum of 50 participants/visitors and should be hosted outside. On site, there are some specific rules we need to keep in mind: 

  • Maximum 4 persons per table
  • 1,5m distance between the tables
  • Staff and crew should wear face masks at all time
  • Face masks should be worn when moving around
  • Tables are being served by the staff, no self-service
  • Events should end at 22h00

First step to freedom!
As of June 9, events will be possible inside and outside. For outside events you will be able to host up to 400 participants, inside there will be a limit of 200 participants. Face masks and social distancing remain mandatory.

Step 2 and 3: save the summer
On the first of July, the number of accepted guests will increase to 2.000 visitors, outdoors we can even go up to 2.500 guests. One month later these numbers will even be increased to 3.000 indoors and 5.000 outdoors.

Mark August 13 in your agenda as the best day of your life: mid-August events for more than 5.000 will be possible again!
However, we need to keep in mind that a vaccination card needs to be presented that proves that the visitor is vaccinated or tested.

Temperatuur meten op events met mondmaskerWhat will Act-Wise do? 
Easy: we will Act Wise! (See what we did there?) Face masks and hand sanitizer will be available at all times and we will watch closely that everyone keeps their distance. Usually we cross our limits – in a good way of course – but the next fews weeks we will remain within those limits for everyone’s safety. 

Most of all, Act-Wise will try to make your next event safe and memorable! For over a year now we are waiting to get back to our clients, to deliver them experiences and emotions. After all these months we are more than ready to do what we do best: raising your events to the next level! 

In desperate need of an event? 
Contact Christophe@act-wise.be and we will make it happen!

Think twice and Act-wise