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Event & Teambuilding

We also organize teambuildings and events. If you don’t have a lot of time, but you still want to encourage your employees to do better or to reward them for the good work they’ve delivered in the past, why not organise an event? You want to discuss the achievements of this year and present the goals of next year in a fun way? No problem, we can help you! You want an outdoor event, but it’s not possible because it’s winter and cold outside? We’ll create an outdoor feeling for you inside! You want to visit a city but don’t have a whole day? We can offer you segways or kick bikes to make it fun and competitive! And why not organize a stop at a local shop to try some of those amazing local specialties? The options are endless.

What do we do exactly?

  • Meet and greet with the Client;
  • Defining the goal of the event and a strategy to reach that goals efficiently;
  • Free Proposals accordingly to the budget and briefing;
  • Managing all suppliers on spot to insure perfection;
  • Set up of an event website if required with online tools and a payment system;
  • Debriefing of the event or teambuilding;
  • and many more for you to discover!

Incentive & Tailor Made Travel

A lot of people know or have heard of the term ‘incentive’, but do they actually know what it refers to? Google describes it as ‘a thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something’ or ‘a payment or concession to stimulate greater output or investment’. And we agree! The best way to motivate your employees or clients is to motivate them by travel. Whether you want it to fun, inspiring, active or anything else, we are your partner in crime.

What do we do exactly?
  • We come to your office for a detailed briefing;
  • Free proposals of one or more destinations;
  • Site inspection if requested when the final destination is decided;
  • Full logistics of the program: from A-Z and beyond;
  • and many more to find out by yourself!

Meeting & Congress

Meetings are vital to create a good and efficient working space for your employees. There are many different types: meetings to provide new information or to display what you’ve achieved the last few years, meetings to motivate your participants and make them work together more efficiently or meetings to get ‘all noses in the same direction’, as we say in Flemish. And plenty more. Whatever the reason for the meeting, even more vital is the planning and preparation. And that’s where we come in as your partner. To create a meeting that archieves your goals and combines your input with our experience and expertise. ‘Together’ is the keyword.

Did you have something bigger in mind, for example a conference or congress? No worries, we are here to help you out. Don’t hesitate to contact us for information, examples or references.

What do we do exactly?

  • Full house organizing: from A to Z and beyond
  • Free proposal of different locations for your meeting or congress national or international;
  • Open budget file with different types of costs e.g. accommodation costs, meeting costs, transfers costs, and so on. Highlight the things you want to use and make your own budget!;
  • Set-up and handling of a website with online registration, with or without payment system;
  • Management of all suppliers from catering to audio-visual aspects and creative meeting concepts to keep your work load as low and easy as possible;
  • Flight tickets, hotel bookings, transfers, fun breaks, restaurants, transfers: you name it, we do it!;
  • So much more for you to discover by clicking on our ‘contact page’ and sending us an email.
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