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How to prevent fatigue during online events

mei 12, 2021

Since the pandemic started we are always connected. Connected for work, to communicate, entertainment, events, … That’s how our world looks like today. 
Being clinged to our PC’s, laptops, tablets, smartphones and televisions has become the new ‘normal’.

We need and use the online world, from the moment we wake up until we go back to sleep. Communicating with friends and family through WhatsApp, that daily morning meeting in Teams and another client meeting in the afternoon with Zoom. Covid forced us to work from home and to use our screens even more as we did before. 

Physical events will be possible again in the next few months, however we don’t know yet how important virtual events will remain in 2021 and even 2022. We can only determine that a new phenomenon has been discovered: ‘Online events fatigue’. 

We listed 3 tips for you to prevent this fatigue:

  1. Turn off your camera
    ‘Am I allowed to turn off my camera?’ YES YOU CAN! It’s not always ideal but it will prevent fatigue. For meetings that require interaction you keep your camera on, however if there is no interaction required you can easily turn off your webcam. 
  2. Have a chat.
    Before going into the agenda of the meeting, talk about something else. It will relax the participants in the call and will make everyone at ease. Make sure you don’t exaggerate a few minutes is ok, if it takes too long it might get annoying.
  3. Choose another camera view
    Frontal view might look very intense, changing the position of your camera (if you can) might give a more relaxing feeling. 



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